The RPG Hub Movie Review: It Follows

It Follows is movie I read up a bit about a few weeks ago and was under the assumption It was pretty good. I went to the local video store and checked my all too favorite horror section and grabbed me a copy and I cannot help but say that I slightly regret it.

It Follows is a very, very basic horror movie cliché that a creature / thing stalks an individual and does not stop. The story revolves around a girl, Jay, who after intercourse with her date is chloroformed and tied to a chair. The boyfriend explains that he has now passed this on to her. What did he pass aside from a possible STD? Well apparently a supernatural being can now be sexually transmitted.

Ok so let’s take a moment to absorb that for a second. A supernatural being out to kill you can be sexually transmitted.

If you have had enough time to compose yourselves let us carry on. The date in question explains that this thing will not stop till she dies or passes it on like he has. With that being said he dumps her back on her front lawn and we get into the group dynamic of escaping this thing while never really understanding what it really is.

We do learn this thing takes the forms of those that people know of so it can get closer but apparently it does so in a way that nobody would ever want to get close to. An elderly relative in a nursing gown chasing you at school? Perhaps your naked mom?

Now that we have a very unsubtle supernatural entity following our leading lady, she of course decides to “pass it on” so to speak *wink wink*. Somehow though everyone she passes it on to does not last as long as she does and the entity returns to the chase. This is supposed to lead us to believe that we should be on edge throughout the movie to see if the entity will be back but we already know it will.

Eventually the gang confronts the entity and apparently defeats it but of course like all horror movie clichés we get a final scene where we see it is probably not over with yet.

I have to be really honest with you that watching the movie doesn’t seem as absurd as when you are actually trying to talk about it with someone because when you do, that is when you realize how god awful the movie is.

I like the idea of going back to the core concept of an entity / creature type coming after someone like in the old slasher days but there is literally no soul to this film whatsoever. While more classic movies would at least try to explain without divulging too much about the protagonist we literally have no motive, not one single iota of information. In a sense that is good right? Leave something for us to consider and ponder over till the sequel comes out and clarifies things but no.

The acting is very mediocre. You never particularly care about one or the other and there is no particularly huge development to them except whether or not they decide to pass the entity on which makes them morally horrible individuals for saving their own asses and condemning another to certain death.

While I was hoping that It Follows was going to be a surprise movie that I would enjoy when I actually got to see it I was sorely disappointed though highly amused. I have seen some outlandish horror movies in my time but a sexually transmitted entity is a new one for me. A positive though is that they went for a slow paced movie without rushing into action and it does have the occasional creepy vibe.

If you are simply looking for a time waster of a movie then this would be it but you could also watch a number of other scary movies out there and probably get more out of it then this one.

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RPG Hub Movie Review: The Atticus Institute

Found footage movies are a dime a dozen and quite a few are not so great but I came across this particular gem by my good friend Neil during one of our hangouts. The concept of the movie seemed interesting; the Atticus Institute follows a group that studied psychic and telekinetic phenomenon in the 1970’s. While being deceived by one subject and losing focus the group comes across another promising patient but things are not what they seem to be. Soon they all discover that they are now way in over their heads where science loses out to faith.

Now while the film is found footage it is also filmed like a documentary reporting on these events that ended The Atticus Institute. I think with the sensitive materials that such a group possesses and also the involvement of the government that a documentary would probably not ever make it to fruition let alone former agents and army personnel speaking during segments.

The build is very good with you experiencing the wonder this group gets to participate in everyday and also when it fails. Finally when this new patient who has all these abilities gets into the mix you sense how on edge the institute got. While it was wonderful for some, others were uncertain and extremely fearful. Once the government gets involved when the institute reaches out for help, the pace picks up and things get even more out of hand which leads to the climatic ending.

While the build was good the filming was excellent. The team did a great job of getting the 70’s style down from clothing to equipment and then transitioning to the present day. You really felt the two distinctive era’s had their own life to it.

The acting from everyone was great and there wasn’t one person that didn’t feel out of place which tends to happen in these sorts of movies. You will also notice a lot of familiar actors & actresses from both movies and tv. It seemed all throughout the movie we were going “Hey it’s the principal from Buffy!” to “I can’t quite place him but I totally know I watched a movie or two with him in it”. It’s funny when you see people you know but you just cannot place them exactly.

The Atticus Institute is simply an awesome movie. A great popcorn flick if you’re into supernatural thrillers. It’s well paced, the acting is great and you almost wish they would make another one because it was that damn good. What makes a good scary movie is not the quantity of jumps but the build towards them. The Atticus Institute does exactly that and I highly recommend it to anyone.

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A Kickstarter Tale of Woe

Kickstarter is pretty much a phenomenon right now and I know a lot of my friends have used it. I myself have only used it once but from what I have seen and understand is that there is a general rule of thumb and that is nothing is ever on time.

I have partaken in the Call of Cthulhu 7th Ed Kickstarter in 2013 and what was to be released in 2014 is now heading towards roughly Halloween this year. From what I understand there was lots of issues and Chaosium almost going under, followed by changes in management to help get the company back where is should and now being run by Moon Design.

As my first foray into the Kickstarting realm I cannot help but feel soured on the experience. I get that not all of them are like that but they have a tendency to always be a bit late and that is fair to an extent.

Shit happens as they say, artists get sick, ideas change and the project evolves with it potentially running wild. I’m pretty sure many of you can relate with your own experiences. I think the key to any Kickstarter is communication.

It’s disappointing as a consumer to have to wait for something your so excited about, especially something you paid for already but it’s even more bearable when you have an idea of how things are going. I know from the Call of Cthulhu 7th Ed that updates have been all over the play from frequent to non frequent and all the way back to frequent.

I have nothing against Chaosium nor the product. I know from managing a huge budget project that it’s frakking hard and I applaud that they are working extra hard these days on more updates and giving hope to all involved that this project will see the light of day. Other projects on the other hand sometimes don’t end in a Happily Ever After and if you have been a part of that then you have my sympathies.

I don’t think this will be my sole Kickstart but I am a bit more weary of the process but I think know now to keep my expectations lower and having the mindset to tack on extra time that the experience will be a lot better.

If you have had any rough Kickstarter experiences, let us know.


Ordinem Ignota: A Miskatonic University Campaign

For those interesting in following Play by Post campaigns and love Call of Cthulhu, feel free to check out the campaign Ordinem Ignota: A Miskatonic University Campaign. You can find the link in the drop down menu up top…yeah that one.

Being a father of two and finding the ability to play games over the years has been very difficult but finally I got this much gestating campaign off the ground.  Take a look, ignore all the grammatical errors, enjoy it and hopefully it spurs further ideas for your adventures.

D&D 5th Edition is Here!! How are you enjoying it?

5th Edition is finally out now and you may have had some opportunity to hop right in and get down to playing some games. If so I would like to know how you are all enjoying it thus far. From what I can see on message boards we seem to have a resounding success on our hands here.

I have ogled at it for a few days now but we already had glimpses of what was coming through all the play testing. I must say though that the edition has a very old vibe to it which is great. The system itself is just plain familiar. Definite elements from 2nd and 3rd editions that wiff of nostalgia and while to some that may not be a good thing I would beg to differ.

I don’t think it can be refuted that D&D heavily segmented the market with 4th edition more so then any previous edition. It drew a line and many people didn’t want to cross. I myself felt it was a bit too… video gamey. I literally felt at times I was playing an MMO like World of Warcraft and spamming actions rather then role playing.

While I haven’t cleared the book in it’s entirety yet I must say one thing though that stands out to me as a long time fan of all things Dungeons & Dragons and that is how inclusive this edition is. I am not talking just mechanics but the way the book is written.

Every edition was written with a default setting in mind, that being Greyhawk however now suddenly the Forgotten Realms is now holding that spot. Reading the book however you have quotes from Dragonlance, Forgotten Realms and Greyhawk. You have also races that are detailed for these various campaign settings. While I have a feeling they are holding back to elaborate more class specific material till they do a source book for that setting in the future I cannot help but simply feel included.

What drove me nuts about 3rd and 4th editions is that they dropped almost all their settings. Licensed the rest out for 3rd edition but then removed those licenses and made everyone suffer for 4th. Myself being a fan of Ravenloft felt very left in the dark and while 4th Ed had it’s Ravenloft flavored books it was never Ravenloft. It was almost forbidden to even mention it’s existence. The same went for the other campaign settings.

I get the feeling though and I hope, just hope, that they do follow through and release source books for all the settings. I get why they do the class books, the spell books and all that jazz. I also know that not all settings are popular like say Greyhawk or The Realms but it would be nice to just have a book to say, here is some fun specific stuff for you, here is some new information, now play!

Even my wife is wanting in on 5th edition and I plan on running a Greyhawk game for her. To me this edition has already won me over. Once I play with the rest of the guys and get my own game going I will update with more thoughts on how it all works. Stay tuned!

D&D Next Release Details

After an exhaustive public playtest, the time is nearly upon us! The new edition of D&D,  simply titled Dungeons and Dragons, is hitting shelves this summer into fall. The folks over at Dread Gazebo put together a great little synopsis of what that’s going to look like and when it’ll arrive.  It’ll start with the Starter Set in July, followed by the Player’s Handbook in August (some of which will be available at GenCon), then the Monster Manual in September, and finally the Dungeon Master’s Guide in November.

The books look really slick and while I’ve personally moved on to running a variety of other RPGs for the past number of years since D&D 4e’s release, I’m excited to see what the final product looks like and perhaps get a game started.

Click the link to get more details and see the fancy new covers:

Everything To Know About Upcoming D&D 5e Releases


Another look at The Flash

Well here we have what they are calling a full image of The Flash however he is in a preparing to run pose. I really want to see him just standing so we can see what everything REALLY looks like. Well I guess we will take what we can get right?


A Look at The Flash

Well here we are folks. Warner Bros have released the first image of The Flash. Now this isn’t a full body suit image. They deemed us only worthy of a little bit of head as a tease before the full reveal. So far looking good but a little hard to judge with just that image alone. Thoughts?


HEROES is coming back

Were you a fan of the tv show HEROES. I was a pretty big fan. I think the series had a lot to offer and brought superheroes more into the mainstream but it got a bit bloated at the end of it’s run. Well suffice it to say it is coming back in 2015. Not only that but the creator himself is coming back for it as well.  How about that for some interesting developments.

Heroes Reborn back in 2015 via IGN