Fantasy Flight Games discusses WFRP 3rd Ed Engagement

Well Fantasy Flight Games has yet another WFRP 3rd ed update for us discussing engagements, maneuvers and ranges. Again they attempt to convince us that all these items are to help the GM describe actions and for players to be more involved in the adventure rather then grids and better and for all around improvement. I’m still at a loss though on how mechanics even ones that forgo grids only to use “vague” measurements will get people more involved. This isn’t the first RPG to go this route of gridless playing, go out and find most non D&D games. Mind you now you hand standups and counters for who is engaged with what item or creature.

A lot of these seem redundant. I get their ideas however I think their presenting them like it’s so wicked that you have no grids now as if it’s something new. Grid or no grid, the involvement of your group in the game relies on their interest based on how good of a story your telling. It goes hand in hand. But it even looks more board game like. No wonder it comes in a box.

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