The Daily Wizard

Well our resident wizard message relay fellow was off with the flu but he’s back with some nice goodies from Wizards of the Coast for your viewing pleasure.

1. Up first we have the lovely art gallery from Dragon 379. Has some wicked stuff and always impressed by what they have.

2. Next we have new build for Druids called the Swarm Druid. Check it out as part of the Primal Powers excerpts

And then there is….well that seems to be it. Well…ahem…not much for today. Tootles!

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Was recruited back in the first year of high school to play this odd game called Dungeons & Dragons by his friends who would become his family. Tending more towards darker themed games like Call of Cthulhu, Ravenloft, Gemini and other such titles; he has also ventured into other genres as his interest has developed. If there is something cool to play out there, he will play it even if it hurts his brain.

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