The RPG Hub website is now live!

Welcome one, welcome all to the RPG Hub. It seems like it’s been a long time that we have been building momentum to this moment. We want to invite everyone to join our community of gamers. We have updates from the industry, our campaign journals, and forums where you can even start play by post games. We want this to be your one-stop site that has it all, rather then cater to a particular rules system or setting because we love them all.

Now this place is going through it’s initial growing pains as we enter in our campaign information, posts and forums activity so bear with us on this and point out any issues you may encounter along the way so we can work through them. Heck, if you see a feature you would like added to the site then let us know. We’re all about evolving and bettering the community as a whole.

So enjoy and let the fun begin!

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Was recruited back in the first year of high school to play this odd game called Dungeons & Dragons by his friends who would become his family. Tending more towards darker themed games like Call of Cthulhu, Ravenloft, Gemini and other such titles; he has also ventured into other genres as his interest has developed. If there is something cool to play out there, he will play it even if it hurts his brain.

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