Arkham Horror Miniatures!!! OMG!!!

Ok I am a huge fan of Arkham Horror so I quickly soiled myself when I saw this update. Fantasy Flight Games have Arkham Horror Miniatures on the way. They will apparently come 2 per box and retail for roughly $12.95.

My only gripe is that it better live up to their phrasing of masterfully painted. These better be miniature Mona Lisa’s for that price because they are PLASTIC! Looking at them via the handy screenies they gave us, they do look well painted. Considerably more than the Dungeons and Dragon’s miniatures that look like they were painted by children in preschool.

But, none the less, this is definitely a DO WANT type of product that will make my super expensive cardboard ones that come with the game obsolete.

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5 thoughts on “Arkham Horror Miniatures!!! OMG!!!”

  1. The D&D minis may be uglier and randomized, but at leas they don’t cost $6 USD for a single miniature! Holy carp!

  2. Yup it is insane. But as someone mentioned on the FFG comments there is I believe like 48 characacters. So if each one gets models it’s over many months AND you end up paying over $310 US which is more then Arkham horror and the expansions combined.

    It’s a very cool idea and sure I will pick up a few despite the price point whoever I think FFG needs to get off their high horses with the prices. They are starting to make Games Workshop look affordable and that’s no good

  3. At GenCon they were selling these, $4 each, one to a pack. That’s ~$200 for the full set of 48, they look pretty good.
    About what you’d expect for plastic minis in that size.
    I bought 39 (that’s one of each they had left).

  4. I have to admit that I’m jealous!

    Hopefully the response at GenCon was good enough that we’ll start seeing more about these minis in the near future.

    Oh, and welcome to the site, Penn!

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