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After spending some time with Magic 2010, Mrs S and me have been looking to broaden our horizons. Magic: The Gathering has had a multitude of expansions over it’s introduction.  Each setting or plane of existence (if you want to be technical) has it’s own cards to add with it’s own little flavor. Zendikar is one of those settings. It’s a plane which is quite hostile however there are riches to be won and mana that all planeswalkers wish to acquire. If you want more of a background information on Zendikar you can go here.

The introduction packs come in a box with pre constructed deck based on themes in Zendikar. For instance the introduction pack I purchased was for Mrs S as she plays blue as her primary deck and sometimes a mixture of green. So in Zendikar the paired up colors under a name. So for my intro pack it was called Unstable Terrain while others are Kor Armory, Rise of the Vampires, etc.

The box boasted a nice 41 card deck and a special foil card entitled the Sphinx of Jwar Isle and a 15 card booster pack. It’s a great way to get into the game and with the latest series especially if you are into the idea of dual decks. However unlike other series like Alara Reborn, Ravnica, etc you have singular colored cards. For those who are not familiar totally with Magic yet a card can be one of the five colors (Blue, Green, Red, Black, White) or sometimes the card can be a combination color like (Black, Red). It’s good to have a series that takes things back to singular colors.

The Zendikar series itself is a 249 card set which will introduce some new concepts like landfall, quests, ally’s and traps. While these are new features we haven’t run into their use yet so the jury is out on how well they balance out. However from what Mrs S used, she finds that it’s very good extension to her deck that she is building. I can say it’s working as cards like Mind Control are pissing me off. I might go get the Rise of the Vampires as it seem’s to have what I am more focused on. For more details on the products and cards involved check this out.


Art: As always the art is fantastic, I think this can be true of any Magic card out there. I have yet to find one I find even remotely unattractive.

Singular Colored Cards: When you buy the intro pack which contains a deck with two colors, the cards themselves are singular colored.

Price: For what you get the price I paid was actually pretty good. I even found it $3 cheaper elsewhere. That’s a lot of bang for your cash


All you need is the intro pack: If I made cards and did an intro pack I would arrange things so you had to buy boosters of this new set to flesh things out. After we got the intro pack we realized we were just missing one card from the list for blue / green. And we may have just misplaced that card. We managed to get one in a booster we got for the heck of it but we realized why even bother getting the boosters.

So you want into Magic and the latest thing. I point you no further then a Zendikar introduction pack. Do your homework in advance. Check out the related products, what you feel would be your interest. At $12.99 even if your feeling your way around is a great way to get involved. You will not be wasting any money.

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