Only One Gamesday in 2010

Sadly for many gamers, Games Workshop has decided to reduce the number of Gamesdays in a year to one. In this case, it’ll be in Baltimore and that’s that. I’ve only been to one Gamesday in Toronto in 2008 and it was fantastic, so I’m sad that I won’t be going to another unless I take a jaunt down to Baltimore or something.

[W]e are redesigning the template for the Games Day experience and while we are keeping the time honored traditional bits that work as they are, we will be improving and updating many areas as well as adding new and exciting features. We have also made the difficult decision to only have one Games Day in 2010, which will be held in Baltimore on August 21, allowing us to focus our energy into one amazing event.

via Games Workshop.

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  1. That’s really too bad. I really wanted to go to one. I guess times are hitting Games Workshop pretty hard. It could also be that nobody can afford their stuff. Wonder what their loss to earnings ratios were when running those events.

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