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I was out with Mrs S on the weekend. We had both had a rough day with mini Carl and all the joys that parenting can bring. So I looked at Mrs S and said “Let’s go get some magic cards”. And that was pretty much it that led us all the way to the store. Once there we browsed their assortment of Magic: The Gathering stock. I originally had in mind to go and buy some Shadowmoor cards as it had a lot of red and black. I thought it would beef up that particular deck if not build up my individual black and red decks.

Then there it was..On the shelf…was it a Planeswalker…a Black Planeswalker. Damn did I need one of those. And not only was it one Planeswalker but two. One was Liliana for the black and the other Garruk which was green. So what brought these two together in one package and what was the price of this mystical artifact.

Have beckoned our man servant at the store we had him bring the box over. Low and behold this was a new duel package released only two ago. It was two tournament sized decks that contained a Planeswalker for both the black and green colors. It was apparently put together to show how powerful a Planeswalker and their cards can be.

Being on the Magic scene I knew that these two Planeswalker cards on their own would fetch between $10 – $15 each easily not to mention whatever else was in the deck. Speaking of which there was also eight rare cards for each color as well which is awesome all depending on what you get. Six cards have new artwork to tempt your eyes. Suffice it to say we wanted to know the catch..the price. The catch was the pack was $34CDN. I was floored as just the two Planeswalker cards alone sold individually could pay for the pack.

Obviously we picked the pack up. For me alone the Planeswalker and additional black cards was an easy sell. Once home we ripped open the box and enjoyed our goods. The deck itself was well constructed. I had a very good level of creatures, lands, sorcery and even a black artifact. Mrs S had roughly the same mix of cards on her side with the green deck. I found the black deck to be particularly powerful with my ability to resurrect the dead from graveyards, instant death cards and other sorcery.

We decided to play a game with these pre constructed decks rather then carefully plan out and alter our main decks. They both did a very good job in use. I was hit more with special land cards and sorcery while I attacked with more instant kills and eventually resurrecting from her graveyard. I ended up winning this particular battle but the test was done. This deck was a great package.


Price: For $34CDN  you cannot go wrong in buying the Garruk Vs Liliana package. Two Planeswalkers and six rare cards alone and the price of admission.

Great Start: If your wanting a tournament sized deck to battle a friend then this is a great way to start. You have literally all you need and then some.

Art: I think this is a staple of all M:TG cards is the incredible art. Also of a side note is that both the Liliana and Garruk cards have alternate art.


Nothing: I couldn’t find anything about this package that was wrong. It was so well balanced and put together it’s impossible to really break down one thing that stands out as bad. If I had to nit pick at anything it would be more at Wizards of the Coast for not advertising this more.

After this one package and after altering my main deck for black I actually feel confident that I could compete in a tournament and do halfway decent. I am very pleased with this package and what it has to offer and I recommend anyone to jump into this. Visit your store, grab this item as it’s sure to sell out fast enough. I am even tempted to pick up another package.

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