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1. A short story entitled The Foundling is now available and is written by Mike Resnik.

Charybole left the few remains of her child where they were, thereby guaranteeing that some scavenger or other would chance upon them and develop a taste for githzerai flesh. It made no difference to her. Every single thing she had cared about was dead, and she hoped to join them soon, to see if the next life held more joy and promise than this one.

2. A new article in Dragon 381 is all about Sorcerers, various builds, playing them and of course has your fair share of new spells, tattoos, etc. Check it out as it will sure to be a good info for fans of the class.

3. A new Confession of a Full Time Wizard is up and it’s all about just beings geeks and what really defines being a geek. Also a bit on what crazyness goes on in the Wizards office.

4. We love art, we are pretty sure that you love art too. So Wizards has the art from Dungeon 172

5. Oh and you can also get allll the maps for Dungeon 172

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Was recruited back in the first year of high school to play this odd game called Dungeons & Dragons by his friends who would become his family. Tending more towards darker themed games like Call of Cthulhu, Ravenloft, Gemini and other such titles; he has also ventured into other genres as his interest has developed. If there is something cool to play out there, he will play it even if it hurts his brain.

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