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Well it’s been awhile since we posted some Wizards of the Coast news. So here is a recaps of some recent activity including todays. It looks like it has been pretty busy over there at WOTC and cannot blame them at all with what I see. They are just churning out product after product and taking the time to tease us along the way.

– You can find an excerpt from Draconomicon: Metallic Dragons. In this excerpt WOTC discusses a dragons lair for 7th level adventurers. How iconic is that? Been awhile since I slayed a dragon.

– Holy stat card Batman. WOTC has posted all Dungeons & Dragons Miniatures RPG and skirmish stat cards. Pretty wicked eh? They are totally printable and legal. Catch is you need the actual mini’s but I think that was a given. Still good to have extra support.

– To celebrate the release of The Ghost King novel, WOTC has some cartoons which are really hilarious to look at to celebrate. Well I am not sure if it’s celebrating or mocking but it’s still goofy and funny.

– For those into D&D miniatures WOTC has a third preview and fourth preview for Savage Encounters.

– The maps for Dragon 170 are out now so go grab them fast

– There is a look at what is coming in November and beyond featuring Bart Carroll

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