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Fantasy Flight Games has a few updates for us today

1. This winter it looks like we will be seeing an Anima: Tactics Miniatures Game I am not sure how I feel about this. I really haven’t seen anything they have to offer miniatures wise in any of our local stores and even out of the Quebec province. I would like to see them put more muscle behind these types of products so we pay attention to them. Give us a bit of fanfare over at the store.

2. There is a Warhammer: Invasion card of the day and this time it is the Zealot Hunter. Seem’s like a sweet card but I can’t say for certain what all the others are like. Still have not picked it up yet.

3. Seem’s like ten new careers are heading towards the Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. One of which is on focus and thats the Small but Vicious Dog. Maybe this was something in the older edition because I just don’t get the hype on this.

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