PAX East: Day 3, Some Things Must Come to an End

Well today is the day. PAX has just ended and I sit here by the hotel TV as House plays on the USA network in a marathon format. I like House, his sarcasm amuses me. Oh yes the expo.

We all woke up at 8am. Yes I am AMAZED we did this after being so beat last night. But we were good. We hit up Thortons for breakfast which was nearby. It was very small but the food quite good and waitress very nice. Our Canadian humor seems to be popular here. Most people are quiet and keep to themselves but put us in a packed elevator and we start making friends. To all our elevator friends this weekend, we love you.

It was less busy overall today being the end of the show and not much panels left. We obviously missed the Darksun preview again due to breakfast. But food prevailed over the session unfortunately. But we did hit up the tabletop free play area where we got to play Betrayal at the House on the Hill. It is an excellent boardgame by Avalon Hill no longer in print (Expect a review soon).

After much fun we hit up our buddies at Pandemonium and found more games. Finally me and Curt grabbed Dragon Age the box set. YES!! We also ventured through the exhibition hall again and got more swag and tried to win free stuff. Unfortunatley destiny was not on our side for this contest to win PC’s. Obviously it was rigged and anti Canadian and thats our story.

Finally we hit up the closing ceremony where we we’re treated to the Omegathon finals and screamed very loud. The last contest was amusing filled with classic gaming. It was a fitting end to the show and it was announced they would be back next year at the same place and so shall we.

So what have we all learned from this trip. This trip was all about the gaming community and sharing our love for games in whatever form we enjoy them. We met lots of nice people, tried things we never would have tried, talked to people in the industry and otherwise had a blast as friends on a trip and that is what it is all about. We have seen people whether solo, in a couple and of all ages literally and it’s a beautiful sight to see. A big thank you to Penny Arcade for the awesome experience and people like Critical Threat Theatre for reminding us of what bring us together and the evolution of our friendship.

From Boston Curt, Neil and myself wish you all happy gaming and stay tuned for more detailed opinion pieces.

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