So Magic The Gathering 2011 is coming

Well it looks like the new edition of Magic is on the way. I cannot say I was paying attention to it’s arrival. I wasn’t. After investing in about all the releases that came out one thing always comes to mind that there is typically very little ‘new’ and a whole lot of reprints. It’s ok to have reprints. It would not be normal to not get a little nostalgia cards. However I think that with each release they need more new things. At PAX I bought some older sets like Shadowmoor and still managed to produce cards that I already had from all the newer items.  I think one of the more interesting releases was Planechase as it offered a new dynamic. Sure it had some cards in other recent sets but there was enough newness to make it worth the price of admission. Anyways, I would just like to see more effort into making totally original cards.

Now that I totally ranted off there here is the purpose of this posting. If your interested in procuring the latest edition you can buy a box at select participating stores where if your damn lucky, will receive promotional card entitled Birds of Paradise. Check it out!

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