Critical Hits Podcast – Tomb of Horrors Actual Play – Part 1

I haven’t yet listened to it, but this is just plain cool. Critical Hits’ latest podcast is the start of their play through of the Tomb of Horrors as a flashback in their D&D 4e campaign.

Check it out, and find more details on Critical Hits

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Has been the Dungeon Master for the group since the early nineties. It all started when a school friend’s mother ran U1: The Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh for him and some friends. Enthralled by this new thing he'd discovered, he quickly assembled a group of his own and began running games. From that point forward, he was hooked and hasn’t looked back since. He’s run games that run the gamut from old school to indie, and is always looking to try new systems or tinker with existing ones.

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