Cool Service Alert: Comic Pull

I forget how I came across this place but as fate would happen, somewhere between getting my daily intake of geeky news and searching for erotic pictures I came across this pretty cool service called Comic Pull. It’s for both US and Canada which is wicked because I live in Canada and we generally tend to get  shafted on these kinds of nifty services.  The concept is that it’s a comic distribution company. You create an account, fill out your payment / shipping information. Then you peruse any comic series you would like and can select to pull it meaning that whenever the next comic in the series comes out, they will set it aside and ship it too you. I find the prices are rather reasonable since print comics run roughly  about $4 – $5 a pop here at a local store. Suffice it to say I have some series pre-ordered which will start next year as I get back into collecting again. Check it out though as I think it will be worth your while if your interested in comics and a reasonable price with ease of use.

Comic Pull

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