Non RPG but still awesome none the less SALES!!

Well it seem’s RPG publishers have all closed shop for the holidays. I was a little on the disappointed side as there was nothing that really screamed ‘buy me’. This could be due to the great recession we are pulling out of and it is hard for publishers but still, without going into a long dialogue, I found some ‘non RPG but still awesome none the less sales’.

If you like many people out there play PC games then you will want to take a look at what is on sale over at Steam. Steam has some incredible sales on PC games from lots of publishers. You can either see what the daily deal is or you can even check out individual publishers catalogs. I know I will probably pick up Batman: Arkham Asylum for one. I am a huge DC Comics fan and the demo was brilliant but you all out there there is bound to be something. So check it out.

The Steam Holiday Sale!

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