Comic Review: Captain America 25

Captain America is dead. Just the phrase is as shocking as the news. Cap always  seemed like the hero that despite what happened would never be subjected to the typical character dying ploy often used in comics. But his time has finally come after all these years and I think that is what really makes this moment unique. With Civil War, Captain America took the side of the liberties of heroes against Iron Man and his vision of a registered community. After realizing that despite what they were fighting for that their confrontations were causing more harm then good, Cap surrendered to the authorities which brings us to this issue.

Captain America is being brought to trial but not before some friends like Falcon,, Bucky and Sharon try to rescue him. But when Cap arrives to a mixed crowd of both supporters and blamers we see what fate has in store for him. Cap is gunned down by a sniper but he seem’s to be finished off at point blank range. From there, Falcon and Bucky try to take down those responsible but we all know who is behind the attacks. Obviously it’s the red skull. Cap is later declared dead and we are left with no satisfaction of justice and we are even confronted with an interesting twist at the end.

While the issue was excellent through some historical references to Cap’s past and what he stood for it added an extra punch when he was shot and later declared dead. However part of me would have preferred actually seeing him in court facing his charges for forcing the whole registration movement down our throats and then having him murdered upon leaving the courthouse. It basically served it’s purpose however but I would as stated preferred a move involved death.

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