Comic Review: Civil War 1

I am going to be honest with you, I haven’t followed a lot of Marvel Universe activity in a long time. I know of the major events that pass but otherwise I don’t keep too many tabs. Well, since I have gotten a digital online sub over at Marvel I decided to go ahead and jump in, but where to? Well I think the most defining event that has transpired in awhile is Civil War. So with that, let’s take a lot at the first issue of this event.

Civil War picks up with The New Warriors looking to boost their image by taking down some super villains for their reality show. What happens is that while most of the villains they pick off, one just happens to be the wrong one and sets of a enormous explosion killing not only the New Warriors outright but also a multitude of civilians. And as you can guess, this sets everything into motion. Now even when I collected X-Men comics when I was younger there was always a gritty edge that was intolerance towards mutant kind. Sometimes these would culminate in storylines but it typically just gets dealt with and life moves on. Well things have typed the scale here. Congress passes laws for registrations and while that may not seem very different from other stories, the super heroes are divided on the issue.

Now from the onset we knew that Captain America would lead the heroes who believed in freedom while Iron Man would head the registration of heroes. Obviously this is pretty important as not only have they been partners for so long but they are genuinely friends. This issue builds slowly on this as Tony Stark is taking into the realization that heroes should be accountable. The confrontation with a mother who lost a child stamps this further into Tony. While he may have sat more or less on the outskirts of the issue he feels compelled to head it on after this.

Captain America while on the hellicarrier of SHEILD is confronted on his position. Captain America took the side that it’s a decision that will divide the hero community but he would see it played out. You could tell he was not exactly for the laws congress would pass but was taking the out then being confrontational. But the interim new chief decided to try and force Captain America into a position of being a hired arm of the government to get those who are not compliant. This goes against the ideology of Captain America and who the heck wants to be forced to confront his friends. That being said SHEILD adds fuel to the fire by basically attacking Cap. Not a good idea and in the end, forces his hand. Finally we find out that indeed Iron Man will ‘handle’ Cap for the government.

In all this issue by Frank Millar was awesome. The writing was really well done. For so much happening, a lot was accomplished and laid out in a way that was clear. The art was terrific so kudos to the team on that. For a person just jumping into the universe, I was very happy to start here and I look forward to reading the rest.

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