Comic Review: Civil War 2

I started Civil War 1 to jump back into the Marvel Universe and much to my enjoyment, it was a very great book and kicked off an interesting conflict. This of course led me to jump right into this issue of the Civil War. The last issue left things off rather tense with Iron Man, Reed Richards and Yellow Jacket who would hunt down Captain America when the new registration laws came into effect.

Well in this issue they have just come into effect. What I particularly enjoyed was seeing the interaction between Reed and Sue of the Fantastic 4. Reed thinks the registration act is the way to go and it will be revolutionary and obviously from the looks of things, Sue is not totally onboard. This is further driven home by Reed keeping certain aspects of his dealings with Iron Man secret from her. Also in  the opening pages we see Iron Man, Tigra, Yellow Jacket, Reed and others take down a Doom bot but spare some time after to bring up Cap and where Tony stands. At first he seem’s very confident but once the law passes he confesses that he hopes this is the right thing to do. It’s putting him at odds with a dear friend but he is still convinced that what he is doing is right.

What is also a very good moment to the story is seeing the Young Avengers being taken down by the government for being heroic but not registered. This shows an immediate flaw to the policy in that nobody from what we are shown is really given any time to register. The law is passed and Boom, take down the Young Avengers and not in a very good way either. It almost causes more harm then good. But this shows that while the law has good intentions, it’s poorly executed. And of course Cap manages to rescue the Young Avengers with the aid of Falcon and are recruited into the newly formed resistance. One of the big plays of this issue was Spider-Man and his revealing to the world at last that he is indeed Peter Parker. Jameson’s reaction is pretty priceless to say the least.

Two issues in and I am really digging the Civil War. It’s got fast paced action, tugs on ideals and makes you think really of what would be best if you were put into their shoes. The questioning of their ideals is great and is nice to see heroes so conflicted when it comes to their own. They are put into an uncomfortable spot and they are acting like it. Mark Millar does a great job of this and like last issue all the panels where done excellently. I hope it keeps up as I go along the series.

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