Comic Review: Civil War 3

Well the last issue of the Civil War was quite exciting with Peter Parker revealing he was Spider-Man. Things among the new hero registration law is brewing as both sides are heating up which we all know will lead to a battle. The whole premise of Civil War is interesting however I have to admit that I am rather amused at how hypocritical the law is. The law wants to train heroes to be heroes to prevent the young ones from picking fights they can’t handle ala New Warriors. However that being said they are going after primarily older established heroes who have more then proven themselves.

Stark and Richards spend time this issue trying to convert others to their cause. Richards attempts with Panther and Wakanda don’t pan out and Stark tries to get Emma Frost to get the X-Men which of course they don’t bite. A humorous moment comes as we see Hercules, Cap, Daredevil and Falcon in their new mundane identities.

Stark seems to sink to an all new low as he destroys his own property to lure the Secret Avengers into a trap which leads to the confrontation between Iron Man and Cap that has been brewing now. Iron Man seem’s to have his way with Cap as his suit is apparently programmed with all of Cap’s moves pre calculated in it. I found this kind of lame. While I know Stark is a genius in his own right and the suit is very powerful, I find that having the suit pre programmed to battle someone is a bit far fetched even for a comic. With Cap getting his behind handed to him the Secret Avengers try to come to his aid only to have Hercules electrified by Thor who makes his appearance known.

While the first two issues made a good attempt at making a grey area where both sides stand, this issue goes about making Stark look like such a douche that you cannot help but side in with Cap. Iron Man seem’s to have no real pull with SHEILD either and is loosing whatever control or sway he thought he had. But still despite ALL that the issue was fantastic and definitely makes us want to read more.

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