Comic Review: Civil War 4

With the last issue of Civil War, it heralded the return of Thor on the side of Tony Stark. And that is exactly where the issue starts up with Thor kicking everyone’s butt. Those against the registration law just KNOW they are in trouble and ready to leave. Captain America is beaten badly by Tony Stark or should I say his suit. As I mentioned last issue Starks suit was able to analyze and predict all of Cap’s moves ahead of time statistically and thus he was able to beat him without much effort. I found this to be absolutely cheap not to mention Cap almost dies in the battle.

Now what surprised me was the death of a hero by Thor. When your killing your own there is something horribly wrong and both sides at least know that. Starks group knows that they are crossing a line and things have gone way to far. But is it too far to go back. Sue Storm helps everyone on the anti-registration act escape as she is pushed to her limits.

We learn the killer Thor is a clone who just went too far as clones tend to do which brings up some interesting points. Why on earth did Reed Richards and Hank Pym think it was a great idea to clone a god. Ok, I can see why a villain would but when were playing in the gray area of what is right or wrong it seem’s to me act’s like this tip the scales and one side loses all credibility. And if that wasn’t enough, villains were being recruited to help Stark. Like what?

I get that they were trying to get us with a little shock and awe with a tad of cool but I think this is where the issue and Civil War just failed. This poignant debate on a heroes role and his accountability is torn apart after three solid issues with almost insultingly blatantly obvious horrendous acts done by certain heroes to help their cause.

Reading the issue is exciting and is still enjoyable however if your taking the arc of the storyline on it’s own thus far then this issue is the worst of them all and destroys what credibility that was built. Yes the law will be fought over still, we will get more fights but as to who is really wrong or right has been answered.

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