Comic Review: Civil War 5

Here we are with part 5 of the Civil War. Things were a bit disappointing last issue but this one picks things up quite well. The big angle in this particular issue revolves around Spider Man. Not sitting comfortably anymore with Tony’s vision he attempts to walk away however Stark doesn’t want him to. It eventually escalates to Stark threatening in not so many words and Spider Man trying to get away. Of course Tony seem’s to have no control of SHEILD and they get some of their villainous recruits to capture Spider Man.

This is just more examples of the registration act going all wrong. The villains obviously almost kill Spider Man till The Punisher steps into the conflict. You can imagine how he deals with things but he does save Spider Man and brings him to the resistance headquarters. Nobody trusts Punisher however he does offer to help break into the Baxter building.

Finally we are left off with Daredevil being brought to the jail facility located in the negative zone.

This issue really redeemed things and set things back on track. I am still a bit amazed though on Starks lack of humanity. He minimizes the death of his friend and all his actions because of what he believes in. I am not sure if this really was meant to be like that because it pretty much makes Iron Man unlikeable. I am also constantly surprised that while he is the head of SHEILD that he has zero control over anything in that organization. I get that there is a potential they are playing off on the idea that things have gone over his head and out of control but I think while they have played the grey area off quite well that sometimes it goes overboard. I enjoy however that Captain America is getting a bit carried away by resorting to use the Punisher who represents a lot of things Cap is against.

In the end it is a much more powerful issue nearing the end of this event

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