Comic Review: Detective Comics 857

Boy do I love Detective Comics especially since Batwoman has taken over the series on a temporary basis and this issue lives up to the high standards we have seen over her run.

Alice continues to cause havoc for both Kate and Gotham as she not only kidnaps their father but also is trying to kill all of Gotham. Now that is ambition and it works as the catalyst in this issue. Alice as the High Madame is a great villain as I have mentioned before. It’s great having new opponents and it being Kate’s sister it works as an extra point of interest and conflict. While we have mostly seen Alice as a crazed villain we have a glimmer of an internal conflict with her while she battles her sister.

The other part of the issue being the continuation of The Question: Pipeline where Montoya continues her investigation into human trafficking. With the spots being as mini as they are I find that we will have more of an idea of how good it is as a whole when the story has run it’s course. Things do move along and we are getting closer to the truth but we’re always left with a sense that we need more otherwise we are left we a flat feeling.

If there is one thing that Batwoman has excelled at aside from the storyline has been the art of JH Williams III. It has really given an identity to the Batwoman: Detecive Comics series. However I find that sometimes with how stylish the panels can be with it’s unique art that sometimes I have to double back to see if I maybe missed something.

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