Comic Review: Zatanna 2

This is one of DC Comics new titles in 2010 that in my opinion is a break out hit. Zatanna has been one of those heroes that really hasn’t had a huge platform to shine. She is supposed to be the most powerful if not an extremely powerful magical user so I have the mindset of Ok, why is she not in more events.

Well hopefully this series will establish her as more of a big time player and in this issue things are rolling along. What I particularly enjoy is that the story focuses on a simple theme of Zatanna with her group performing magical shows and trouble seem’s to find her. In this issue we meet a Nightmare Imp which tries to cause Zatanna a restless night which could last for eternity but someone is behind this scheme. That brings us to Brother Night who seem’s like a pretty good villain. He doesn’t have much on him right now but there is a growing foundation that I hope more is built around. Oh and he somehow has control of the soul of Zatara who is Zatanna’s father. That is pretty badass and villainous. He seem’s like a pretty legitimate villain at this point. Hopefully they can build him up more over the next few issues.

The writing by Paul Dini is sharp and Zatanna’s charisma and playfulness comes through. She is a cheeky girl but has good intentions and it all comes through. Her interactions with her crew is also amusing. While we are only two issues in, things seem to be picking up and I look forward to things to come. And props to Stephane Roux on a very nice cover.

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