Comic Review: Zatanna 3

The ongoing series of Zatanna continues but I have to admit that I was a tad disappointed on this issue and you will see why. But first I have to say that so far the comic series is turning out ok. I am usually very apprehensive with new series. It’s like I hope for the best but have a nervousness if they falter. So far though I am just oozing confidence.

Last we left off Zatanna had vanquished a Nightmare Imp that tried to imprison her within twisted dreams but there was someone who had sent the imp. That man was Brother Midnight. This issue starts off very quickly with Zatanna being attacked by effigies of her crew and it’s up to Zatanna to rescue them from Brother Night. Zatanna not only rescues her cue but then battles her fathers spirit as well as Brother Night. It’s a pretty action packed issue but it’s laid out in a simple panels. You would think with so much going on that parts might get lost in the storytelling but it all manages to hold up. My only complaint that I would say of the whole issue is that the conflict with Brother Night could have drawn out over a few more issues. He was built up as being pretty badass but seemingly was torn down faster then he was built up and that is a bit of a shame as he was a pretty good villain. Maybe it was his overall look, cockiness or whatnot.

I was pleased with the writing by Paul Dini as Zatanna has so far carried on very consistently. Again the writing and the panel layouts work well in telling the story. I have to say yet again that I am very pleased with the cover by Stephane Roux. I seriously want some of these as my backgrounds. Inking as well is also well done. I am totally digging the art style. I am hoping this team stays together for a long time.

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