Comic Review: Zatanna 4

After I managed to catch the two previous issues and building up some excitement, this particular issue came along. Now I am not going to say it was a bad issue. I was basically a filler issue which is a bit disappointing when you are on issue number 4.

In this issue we start off with Zatanna already in action in Las Vegas battling the Royal Flush Gang. Suffice it to say they don’t put up much a fight and they are quickly taken care of. Zatanna is preparing for her Las Vegas show and were introduced to an old family friend who is the man who runs the hotel where Zatanna is performing. But he is not as he seem’s as he is under the rule of the devil. He has gotten himself into his fair share of problems and the devil is giving him a chance, deliver Zatanna or lose his soul. The rest of the comic is Zatanna running into her brother at the hotel who turned her room into party central and upon clearing everyone out is attacked by three flame elementals.

I guess this issue is what it had to be but in my opinion there just needed to be more to it. Zatanna’s brother is rather undisciplined and not totally sure where he figures in right now. He just seem’s to be there. I think if there was more focus on developing something between brother and sister or more on our conniving villain of the issue then this would have been a much better issue.

Despite the not so great issue we have some good dialogue. Zatanna’s personality is always enjoyable and Paul Dini has it down perfectly. Compared to the previous two issues I am also a bit less fond of the cover by Stephane Roux. The interior art is also different this issue sporting more classic comic art rather then the new leaning towards anime-ish art that has been used so far. I have my fingers crossed for issue number 5 to pull things through.

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