Comic Review: Zatanna 5

After the last issue which I found somewhat less to be desired I was hoping for a big turnaround this issue and I am glad that it did. While the last issue didn’t have much building of anything aside from introducing the Royal Flush Gang who were handled in no time, some banter between Zatanna and her brother and being introduced to our new villain Benjy Raymond we pick up during the attack by the three fire elementals.

The elementals managed to put up a little of a fight by almost killing our favorite magician however she manages to survive and vanguish them. Zatanna’s brother also came to help however he is not as refined in his magic and thus, not much help at all. But we have some jealousy on the side of Zatanna’s brother which was hinted at last issue and he want’s Zatanna to be at his latest show. It’s a little side plot in her personal life which can be interesting if developed right and we have a catalyst later on. Benjy realizes that he has bitten more then he can chew in dealing with a demon after realizing his hotel and casino is home to many demonic visitors not to mention the added pressure of delivering Zatanna or loosing his soul. Zatanna of course puts on her show and is drugged shortly after by Benjy. The drug turns her hormones upside down and she is hankering for some Benjy which makes her miss her brothers show. She manages to fight her way out of effects of the love potion however Benjy has a undead zombie hord that captures her.

This issue was pretty action packed suffice it to say and that’s a good thing. I am enjoying the jealousy the brother is showing while Zatanna is just caught up in her own world. While she tries to make amends she is diverted by Benjy which is going to cause even more of a conflict. Maybe he will turn on her down the line. It would be an interesting twist. The duo of Benjy and the demon seem’S to be working out a bit more now. While it was a bit loose last issue we see more of the predicament Benjy is in.

The art I found was better but still had a classical look to it. Even though with every review I mention the good writing I still have to come out and say it’s very good. The cover also in this issue is much better compared to the last issue. In all it was very good to see things turn around quite nicely. By the way, if you haven’t picked up any Zatanna issues yet, get to it. Your really missing out.

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