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I am not sure how many fans their are out there of Children of Fire. It’s a setting which is based around Angel vs. Demons. If you have seem movies like The Prophecy then you pretty much get the overall gist of what it is aiming more. Children of Fire can be found online via the Methods in the Madness site where you can get all the setting and rules for free. BUT what fun would that be. Ok yeah sure it’s free but if you try it and love it then I really recommend you help kickstart them into the printed version.They are a small publisher at the moment so I highly suggest to help them out. We at the RPG Hub had a campaign at one point during the summer many moons ago and quite enjoyed it. Perhaps will get around again to it at some point so we can pop out a review.

Free Children of Fire RPG rules and setting

Help Kickstart Children of Fire RPG into print

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