5th Edition D&D is on the way

So the 5th Edition of D&D was announced this week to not much of a surprise to most folks. Well I would think not anyways. It seem’s to me we all knew it was coming sooner or later. It seem’s overall that the editions keep coming out with greater frequency and in doing so causing it’s own controversy. WotC is proclaiming that this new 5th edition will right wrongs previously done and unify the player base who have been divided via the other editions. Those are some heavy promises which I don’t think should be promised at this point. I just don’t think that WotC get to make these types of claims anymore.

EN World has plenty of tidbits which seem to be rolling in slowly but surely. The information is quite vague though with often just a random quip from a writer. It is an exciting time mind you as like many others love the possibility of something new and shiny. I know I will be following all the news even though I have reservations and I think that is something that a lot of D&D players should be doing.

I said before that D&D if anything has taught us that it is not the set of rules that make the game, it’s the players. Even with a horribly constructed game engine, something great can be produced and D&D despite it’s various editions and occasional flaws has never even been remotely a frustration to play.

I am happy with the idea of WotC wanting the community to playtest as it gets developed. I think that is a great idea to get a good feedback from everyone involved. It’s a different way to go about things for WotC and it might be that method in making an edition that bridges the gap for everyone.

Once all is said and done and 5th edition is released people will still have their preference but I hope that something really amazing is created and I get that wow feeling back that I feel has been somewhat missing. Either way it will be a wild ride till then so stay tuned and we’ll post what we can.

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