D&D 5th Edition Playtest: It’s here and are you playing

So who has been playing the playtest? It’s been available for a little while not and if you haven’t already signed up for it and I really doubt many of you haven’t then you should head on over to the Wizards of the Coast. You can still sign up.

From all my reading of the initial playtest packet I am quite happy about it being more about roleplaying. It had a bit of old school feel to everything as well as keeping a bit of the newness that the more modern editions have. I think in general that there is a happy medium here. It’s definitely on the right path so if the playtests help make it better then even better.

I like how currently there is no tactical combat via a battlemap. While I am not against a battlemap, I want there to be fast and fluid combat. 3rd edition added more time to combat being more tactical but 4th edition seemed to amp it up via maneuvers. At any rate I hope things in combat evolve but keeping things quick.

We will be playing through the playtest packets we signed up for this coming weekend. I can say we are all looking forward to it and will certainly have impressions as things go along. Obviously specifics cannot be posted but there is plenty of discussions to be had.

I highly recommend going over to EN World where there is plenty of discussions going on not to mention of course the Wizards of the Coast boards.

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