The Failure of Spellfire

Here’s an interesting article about the history of Spellfire, TSRs failed answer to Magic: The Gathering from the 90s. To be honest, I’d actually completely forgotten about the game existing until I saw this. From the article:

TSR was looking to piggyback on Wizards Of The Coast’s success, and soon. The company gave its vice president of product design, Jim Ward, just six months to create a CCG good enough to compete with the burgeoning Wizards Of The Coast juggernaut. Along with fellow game designers Steven Winter, Zeb Cook, and Mike Breult, Ward set out to create a card game that would utilize TSR’s substantial creative resources and improve on Magic’s shortcomings. The goal was to introduce a distinctive, higher-quality game, rather than just a D&D-themed version of Magic.

via Not In The Cards | Feature | The Gameological Society

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