GameTable Online to host the cancelled WOTC VTT

In an update to Wizards of the Coast decision to drop the VTT, Robert Eng who is vice president of GameTable Online has posted on the WOTC forums to bring some good news to this story. As quoted from the WOTC forum.

As you may have heard, Wizards of the Coast has decided to stop hosting the Dungeons & Dragons Virtual Table. I am here to let you know that GameTable Online is in the process of adopting the VT platform and are preparing to host it at our new RPG portal. GTO coded and developed the VT so we are very familiar with the platform and are excited to be going live with this roleplaying game application.
The anticipated name for the new VT will be RPGTable Online and we have claimed the URL address of  We have some work to do to prepare for the transition but expect to be back to hosting online RPG sessions by the end of July! The details are still be worked out but we will let you know how we envision the RPGTO moving forward.
A big concern for us was making sure that your existing VT Dungeons & Dragons campaigns are transferred to RPGTO. To transfer your active campaigns to RPGTable Online all you need to do is register at before we go live and email your GTO User Name and VT Screen Name to When the transition to the GTO site goes forward, we will port them over so all of your campaigns will be waiting for you!
GTO has been hosting online board games, since 2003 so we know and love games. We are looking forward to the opportunity to expand our online games to include an RPG application.
Robert Eng, Vice-President GameTable Online”

Kudos to you Robert and all at GameTable Online. Many were dissapointed at the closure and to have this quick a response and support to the community is great.

GameTable Online announcement via the WOTC Forum

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