In Montréal? Go to Le Valet D’Coeur

If you’re an avid roleplayer and you live in Montréal then you have heard of this store. While RPG stores are sparse to non-existent in the more suburban areas, in the downtown core there is none other like Levalet. Boasting a large collection of english and french products both RPG and board games. You can always also find tons of other entertaining trinkets, toys and quirky games to occupy your time. Not to mention their used books section which all of us at the RPG Hub can attest to it’s gems.

Speaking of gems there is a garage sale which started there. Clearing out some of the older editions, shopworn books, etc. Out with the old and in with the new as they say but thats when the deals come in. I scurried through the heat today to find books for  0.50 cents. Some a modest $1 and all for the sake of clearing out space. Trust me when I say I may go back. The garage sale is till August 3rd so if you’re visiting Montréal and need an RPG fix or live locally then head on down, join the crowd and have a good time.

For further info go to the Le Valet D’Coeur website

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Was recruited back in the first year of high school to play this odd game called Dungeons & Dragons by his friends who would become his family. Tending more towards darker themed games like Call of Cthulhu, Ravenloft, Gemini and other such titles; he has also ventured into other genres as his interest has developed. If there is something cool to play out there, he will play it even if it hurts his brain.

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