Mechnoir is out and you should buy it (if you didn’t get it free as a Technoir Kickstarter backer, that is). It’s $5. What is it? It’s the super cool streamlined system of Technoir (itself an evolved version of the system in Chronica Feudalis) only now with giant stompy robots. What’s also very cool is that the book is released under the creative commons, meaning that if you want to hack it and publish said hack (with proper attribution), or if you want to share the PDF with remote friends who have no money (so you can all play online), you can do it.

That last bit is especially helpful. Our weekly games at the hub are online (via Skype), as our members are scattered to the four winds. Getting explicit permission to make our lives as a group easier is immense, and I support it wholesale (with my moneydollars and love).

You can read more about the release from Jeremy’s website here.

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Has been the Dungeon Master for the group since the early nineties. It all started when a school friend’s mother ran U1: The Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh for him and some friends. Enthralled by this new thing he'd discovered, he quickly assembled a group of his own and began running games. From that point forward, he was hooked and hasn’t looked back since. He’s run games that run the gamut from old school to indie, and is always looking to try new systems or tinker with existing ones.

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