A look at Shadowrun Returns

Do you all remember the SNES Shadowrun game? If you don’t go and “procure” it and enjoy as it is one of the greats in RPG games in the 16 bit era. Now since that time fans of that game and simply fans of the pen & paper game have wanted a game. And no that godawful multiplayer shooter Shadowrun game does not count. Well a kickstarter was made and it was suffice it to say, extremely funded. So now after some time Kotaku has some images of concept art, characters and cityscapes from the game. It seem’s to be going for a classic style which is much akin to the SNES game which will please many. So head on over to Kotaku via the link below and check out the awesomeness headed our way.

A look at characters and cityscapes of Shadowrun Returns via Kotaku

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