Movie Review: John Carpenter’s The Fog

The Fog for those who may not know is a classic John Carpenter movie. The Fog takes place in a small community by the seaside called Antonio Bay. Despite how charming it is, Antonio Bay has it’s dark secrets in it’s past. With the centennial celebration looming, a strange fog begins appearing and people start to die. From there we see how the past can come to haunt the present.

The premise alone is classic campfire ghost story fodder. You cannot go into this movie expecting anything more then that because it simply isn’t. In fact the beginning of the movie even starts off with an older man recounting a ghost story to younger kids. It pretty much set’s the tone for what is ahead a goes about it the right way.

The pacing of the movie is typical Carpenter with the slow buildup. No sense in rushing things which is very good to see. It’s also now about gore or violence. We slowly are introduced to the fog and then by extensions what lurks within it.

The acting is also pretty well done. A much younger Jamie Lee Curtis is present but has not much of a role. She appears as a hitchhiker who ends up sleeping within 30 seconds with the one who picks her up. I think this is a bit on the odd side as there is no buildup even flirtation wise with Tom Atkins character. But hey ,were talking 1980’s horror right? Adrienne Barbeau does a great job as well as the sultry radio DJ Stevie Wayne. She both plays the part of the alluring DJ as well as frantic mother very well. Their distinctions are clear and it’s definitely a job well done. Speaking of the acting, you may notice many a familiar face if you have seen Halloween. Many of the same actors / actresses are on this movie. This in itself gives the movie a positive vibe as it comes across as a group of friends who like working together doing something fun.

Despite a few minor shortcomings plot wise (as we said, it is a campy ghost tale), The Fog delivers on being a very good movie. With the release of the newer update to The Fog we can all take a look back at the original and wonder that sometimes, we need to see that what worked in the original so well was it’s simplicity and pacing. While the current generation may find it slow, it’s more of a payoff then it’s action paced retooling in 2005.

Grab some popcorn, turn the lights out and enjoy the movie.

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