Keep Calm, the Great Wheel is back

So for all you Dungeons & Dragons fans out there you probably caught wind of the whole hoopla concerning the cosmology. They decided to bring back the great wheel with some modifications here and there. I don’t see this as a bad thing honestly however I have some reservations against it as well.

I grew up with the great wheel concept as I have played mostly in second edition. Planescape was around and I have to be honest that it is one of the best settings that is probably misunderstood and under rated. Planescape helped make a center point for campaigning in the multiverse. It unified most settings by providing that focal point however it fleshed out so many details about the plains themselves and how they worked not to mention subjects like religion and death..

A common complaint people have is they want their own cosmology and that’s ok. I think the point is generally missed in that D&D is your game. You can make it however you want and it’s totally cool. You can even equally pretend planescape just never existed in which case you go by your setting like before. Either way a few settings just didn’t meld in very well anyways such as Ravenloft and Dark Sun. One had the dark powers which prevented travel and the other was in a crystal sphere.

Really what is the big deal right? My problem though is settings like Eberron and Nentir Vale that was conceived with it’s own cosmology in mind. It’s assumed now they will share this new standard cosmology for the sake of conformity. I get D&D Next is supposed to be super inclusive however I think shoe horning other settings to conform is not the best way to approach this. I don’t get why a setting can be conceived and not have it’s own cosmology seperate from the others. I can see the arguements for it but I can see also why creatively that sucks.

If D&D Next is as modular as expected we probably don’t even need to worry. Actually we shouldn’t even be worrying because like any RPG out there and since the dawn of the industry, if you don’t like it then feel free to change it to what works best with you. As for me I cannot wait go go hopping around the multiverse and please let there be a resurgence of the factions. They were so freaking cool!!

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