Movie Review: Hollow

When it comes to horror movies a cover can trigger my excitement for a movie. I know they can be misleading as the common term for books is “don’t judge a book by it’s cover” and the same can be said for movies however this one just caught my attention as did the synopsis blurb.

The movie follows four teens as they travel to a cottage for a getaway which happens to be near a monastery as well as an old tree with a frightening legend to it. Apparently people have a tendency to commit suicide by hanging themselves via the tree.

Hollow is another in the found footage genre but that is not necessarily a bad thing. When it comes to these types of movies I don’t jump on the “not another one of these” bandwagons but rather I pretend no other found footage films have been made. This let’s me judge it in a fresh light. The use of the genre in this particular movie is okay. Obviously there are bits and pieces that you need to fill in the blanks as they use the method as a way to create atmosphere. However what creates the most atmosphere is the english countryside in which they are located. From the ruins of the monastery to the tree itself. It is pretty freaking creepy.

With that being said though you never feel fulfilled though. When things start building up it almost seem’s to be done too quickly. The mythology of the hollow tree itself could have been something much more but it never seem’s to attain it’s full potential. In the end you do end up feeling hollow which is somewhat ironic.

The characters themselves just seem your typical adolescent self involved jerks. Obviously they try to slip in a nude scene with the found footage method and there is a drug induced scene which brings nothing to the table.

Hollow is a movie that when your done watching could have been something so much more but there is still something to be found it it that is still entertaining. It may not pay off as a movie that will make it on your shelves permanently but it is something you should go out and rent when you have the chance when you are just looking for something different.

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