Movie Review: The Conjuring

If you have any fascination with the spiritual world and probably even if you didn’t the name Ed & Lorraine Warren have certainly been heard. They are renowned investigators of the paranormal and demonic with many high profile cases such as the Amityville Horror. Now whether you believe any of their work or not is up to you but we have a treatment of one of their cases in the form of The Conjuring.

The Conjuring stars Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson as Lorraine and Ed Warren as they are called in to help a family who has suddenly be plagued with not only odd occurrences in their home but the onset of being terrorized by the supernatural.

James Wan who directed this movie has taken it upon himself to treat the subject with a lot of respect. Often we see “based on” movies that go out of their way to hollywood everything to a point where you couldn’t believe what you are watching. James Wan however takes a more subtle approach in The Conjuring. If you were to imagine an escalating haunting then you could totally believe the events in the movie and that is what makes it so scary.

The movie is also not just about the haunting that took place but also the people involved. Performances are top-notch and you in turn feel a connection with all who are involved which is also difficult when presenting a movie like that. Often times one element is sacrificed for another whether deliberate or not but in this movie that fine balance is made.

In terms of atmosphere The Conjuring has you on your toes with all it’s subtleties. I would even say that it is a treat to watch in how well done it is. The tension in the theatre was thick and just about everyone jumped at one point or another. It was good to see a movie have an audience entranced like that.

Also if you are a fan of the Warrens and have read their books or perhaps just read online about their cases then this movie will also please you in the reference to the Annabelle case. I won’t go into description of the case itself as you can quickly google it but having read a book on their cases as well as online information I was left grinning ear to ear on it’s brief inclusion. Oh and don’t forget to look out for Lorraine Warren herself who cameo’s in the movie.

The Conjuring is a movie that you should definitely go a see. If you’re looking for something to renew your faith that a good haunting movie can be made then you will be vindicated. This movie was a labor of love and it comes across as such. It will please both newcomers and also fans of the Warrens with references and actual pictures at the end. I cannot recommend this movie enough and do hope to see movie case files handled with such a treatment.

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