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I love Netflix for certain things. The ease of which I can see movies, all the classics, not having to go the the video store but also because I have the chance to discover new things. Sometimes the best movies that you see are the ones you just pick out at random and Europa Report is one of them.

Europa Report is about a group of astronauts who are on a mission to Jupiters moon Europa to find signs of life. The premise is nothing particularly new mind you but it’s more in the presentation that reels you in.

The movie is filmed in a sort of found footage mixed in with standard style. Think of it more as a hybrid. You may be doing some eye rolling about now when you hear “found footage” but hear me out, it’s actually very well done and not in an overly exploitative way.

When I first started watching the first thing I remarked was that this seemed higher quality then usual for a movie I never even heard of.  I almost thought I had missed a gem in seeing this in the cinema. The found footage scenes I mentioned are all the camera’s on the ship or on the astronauts themselves. It makes sense and you never feel that they are carrying around camera’s “just because”. Their primary use is to keep the flow of the movie. Most of the camera’s for the found footage are all fixed so you don’t have the picture jumping around everywhere. This is a bit of a blessing as there is nothing more irritating then a shaky camera for an hour and a half. However I think some of the best shot scenery are those showing jupiter and Europa in a panoramic view. Beautiful work done depicting the scenery.

Tensions build as the movie progresses as there is more then meets the eye going on Europa. We all know from the beginning of the movie that something tragic happened but we slowly get to see how things ended up they way they did which I always find fun. Sometimes the best part is the journey and Europa does a great job of that.

All the characters are well developed and they all get to have their moment in the movie. I appreciate when they can make a movie like that and take time to make everyone important in some way as to not only help the movie progress but to be that much more involving. The acting by all  is very good.

The climax was rather predictable after a certain point which was a little bit disappointing. I don’t want to spoil it for everyone but I had a feeling that once we got that high note, it fell kind of flat. You just have that “ah well….” sensation. Maybe I was wanting to be more surprised by what they had found. Either way it doesn’t take anything away from the movie as a whole.

So if your looking to fill in some time during your night with a fun sci-fi movie then Europa Report is your next stop. It’s got good acting, a good story and may just surprise you. If anything it will make you wonder why you haven’t seen this sooner.

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