The Rocksmith Experience Part 2: Don’t Sweat the Fret

I have had a few days now to explore Rocksmith further and continue down my road towards glory and fame. Boy is that road going to be bumpy! So follow me on part 2 of my humorous journey down the road of rock.

Last I left off I was starting to pick some notes, getting the guitar tuned and start some practice lessons. I haven’t had much time to put into the game and practicing but I spent what time I could picking up some theory online on how to better play. I find this rather invaluable because it’s good to get opinions from various sources and seeing what works best for you.

The general consensus however is that most of everywhere have the same basic approach to playing. Yay for uniformity! I did managed to do some dry practicing (without being in game + connected to sound system), It was late and night and I didn’t want to loose any momentum I had built from the previous day even though I couldn’t have tv time.

I noticed a few things.

1) I still suck. Yes I know it has been a day and I shouldn’t expect to be The Edge but the typical reaction of people when they first start something is that they want to be good from the get go. Well….not so much here.

2) Practice makes perfect. While I am getting better playing notes the fingers are still learning to follow. I know the notes to play but training my hand to get to where it needs to go and to play the note is a whole other story.

3) Pinky fingers are the work of the devil. I am convinced the pinky finger was placed on our hands to torture us. Like it or not you need to use it when playing. So not only do you have to curve the finger without touching any other cord but you have to tell it to press hard on the right cord. This is easier said then done.  Now I wondered if it was just me but apparently it’s a common beginner problem.

4) Getting the right note is not always easy. So they tell you to press on the cord and pick the note. Ok no problem but sometimes you get a buzz / vibration. This can be annoying because you’re at the right note now and….meh. Another beginner problem apparently. Every guitar is different and the amount of pressure you need to put on the cord can be different. Higher end guitars can be simpler while entry level (such as the one with Rocksmith is considered) can be more complicated. Not impossible but don’t be surprised. I also read it can be defective guitar construction and also the bridge is not the most amazing quality (back to our entry level guitar theme).  But let’s be honest. I am taking 98% of the blame right now on this one.

All that being said and done I managed to put a bit more game time in and now at the 95% for my first lesson. While I probably could have been further I decided to keep going over the basics to try and get things right to the way I want it to sound.

Overall while I find it can be easy to be discouraged at times because of things not sounding right I am still pretty happy with the progress however small being made. The game is always encouraging and I think it is extremely solid.

My only complaint thus far would be the tuner. Before every lesson / song you need to tune the guitar. While the concept of tuning is easy enough I find the software is extremely slow. Sometimes I will play the note, make my adjustment, play it again and while it registers as being tuned; it can go back to that note and say it isn’t tuned. I also encounter the issue of when I tune and it registers a correct tone that it can take up to 3+ minutes to register.

Probably my issue is more software related. I installed the game now on the xbox 360 to see if this will help lighten any load and makes things better. We will see and I will keep you posted. Stay tuned till the next part in the Rocksmith Experience series and follow me on the journey to glory.

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