Video Game Review: Dead Space 3

Dead Space has been an interesting series. It brought the survival horror theme into space which, while not exactly new, made it special again. But that was then and now we are at the third iteration of the series. So how does it fair? Well, let me tell you…it’s great!

Be forewarned that Dead Space 3 is more action then subtle horror.  The jumps are few and far in between. It’s not a bad thing mind you and it actually feels like the progression of the series. You cannot repeat the same formula without things getting stale. Sometimes you do feel like it is repetitive in the sense that it has the same kinds of monsters and generally you know when to expect them but the story is good enough to keep you going.

Ah so the story….We find our poor Isaac Clarke trying to deal with the aftermath from Dead Space 2. He is alone and trying to leave everything behind him in some sort of forced retreat. Of course there are markers involved as well in this entry and it plays the central focus but there is also more of a religious aspect in this as well. It makes for a different dynamic though we caught a glimpse of fanatical religion in Dead Space 2.

Obviously there are ships and you’re stuck in one but there is also some time on two different planets. I was soooo very glad that there was something other than an abandoned or overrun ship. It somewhat spiced things up from the norm. They also tried something interesting and that was travelling from one ship to another via service craft. From wherever your docking station was you could float around and explore. This was a bit of a treat because you had the grandeur and horror that is space. The debris and listing ships overlooking a planet was spectacular. It gave zero gravity play more depth than it ever did.

Unfortunately the creatures were not anything really new however there were a few entries. Boss battles were not particularly challenging. I remember much tougher battles in the previous games but that is not a bad thing. Rather then bog you down in a difficult battle you are pushed onward into the rest of the story. This makes things more compelling play wise.

Crafting is rather integral to the game or so they were hoping. You have the ability through the work bench to make weapons and customize them with parts you gather. You can also add circuits which give the weapon a particular bonus. There are also blue prints to find but you will never really have enough resources to build them. While all this crafting sounds great I literally stayed with the original weapon modified of course and stuck with that through the game.

All of these things combined make Dead Space 3 an excellent well rounded game. Dead Space 3 has garnered a lot of negative criticism however I think it’s not totally fair. It’s trying to expand the universe and freshen things up. The action is still intense and things move along incredibly well. The story is tight and adds more to the mythos of the Markers not to mention seeing Isaac grow as a character. In the end your left feeling extremely satisfied and that’s what a good game does. If Dead Space 3 has proven anything is that it still has a place on our shelves and definitely worth exploring more.

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