Video Game Review: Transformers: Fall of Cybertron

Transformers: War for Cybertron is an awesome game which was very true to the G1 mythos plus or minus some alterations. It was so successful that a sequel was made. Now with sequels, we sometimes fall short of what the first game was. Luckily for us though T:FoC is as good if not better then the first game.

T:FoC takes us to the Ark heading towards the space portal and the Decepticons intercepting. This is very much like the animated series in how it all began though with much more grandeur. Suddenly though we are brought to how this all came about and that is the Autobots needing to refuel the Ark after a Decepticon attack. The plot seem’s simple enough but there is more than meets the eye (oh god I am so sorry for that pun).  The pace throughout the game is quick and really gets you in the feeling that you are in the middle of a war which I just love.

The game is divided by chapters for various Autobot or Decepticon character. Rather than in the first game, T: FoC doesn’t give you the option of choosing a campaign side but rather integrates both sides in the overall plot. This gives a much wider view of all the events unfolding at key moments. The amount of characters you play is diverse which is an improvement on the original. On a side note one of the most fun characters to play as was Bruticus. Yes BRUTICUS!!! We often think what it would be like to merge and play as Devastator , Computron or even Bruticus and let me tell you…it’s oh so satisfying but while playing a giant is exciting you also get to play as Grimlock who is a fan favorite. In fact it makes him cooler if that’s possible.

So we have an awesome plot, a diverse character experience but that is not all. Controls feel much more refined. Not that there is a huge difference but it “feels” better, smoother and easier.  I never felt that I was hampered in my movements in either mode.

High Moon delivered an epic game in the Transformers franchise. It leaves the door wide open for the next installment and, fingers crossed, they manage to get one done. The game is not long by any stretch clocking in at roughly 8 hours if not less but while I would normally nit pick about that I cannot use it as a valid complaint in this case. The experience is complete and you feel fulfilled when all is concluded.

The game is an obvious labor of love and it shows from the designs, the mythology, quotes from the series and other such easter eggs. If you’re a fan of the series in any form whatsoever then you need to play this game. It is designed for you specifically in mind but will no doubt even suck in those who are less familiar with mythos.

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