RPG Hub Movie Review: The Lego Movie

I took my son to go see The Lego Movie and while the previews were entertaining I wasn’t expecting much from it. The preview had the typical laughs but would it really have enough to suck us in. Well I am here to say that The Lego Movie is simply amazing.

The Lego Movie follows Emmet as he goes about his everyday ordinary life but suddenly becomes the chosen one who will save the world. Along the way he pairs up with all sorts of people like Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, a unikitty(yes a unikitty) and many more as they try to save all the lands that were divided by President Business. While all the characters seem like total opposites the story makes it all work that they can all coexist in the same universe.

All the characters are amazingly acted and there are plenty of laughs to be had. Some of the best laughs are from Will Arnett who plays Batman as well as some surprising cameos (and boy there are many). From Liam Neeson, Billy Dee Williams to Channing Tatum; it seems like everyone is in this movie and I don’t blame them. The movie is all the better for these surprising cameo’s. It’s not just for kids after all.

Toy Story reminded us of the pure joy of being a child and playing with your toys. The Lego Movie does the same in infusing the movie with so much heart and passion that we are equally reminded of how much we loved our Lego’s. You will pick up many nuances in the movie as parts are marked with their special Lego product code and even old Lego’s are referenced. In fact I have to give them a standing ovation on this. Maybe this is simply a side effect but while The Lego Movie obviously pushed the new Lego Movie sets, it makes it a marketing campaign for every other set out there. There is a heavy focus on a western setting in the movie and I couldn’t help but think maybe, just maybe they did this to push more Lone Ranger Lego’s which seem to me to be the less popular of the sets right now. It could have been simply coincidence though.

I cannot say how much I loved this movie. Lego is universal and this connects us all together in the enjoyment of this movie. There is more of a profound message to be found in the movie then the simple passion of the product but I refrain from spoiling things. If The Lego Movie is any indication I think we will be seeing more movies on the way in the future and even if there isn’t, it rekindled my passion for Lego and I will be sure to swipe some of my sons Lego blocks to build something.

As the movie often repeats…EVERYTHING IS AWESOME!!

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