Final Fantasy 15 is coming Sept 30

That’s right, Square Enix announced this week that Final Fantasy 15 is coming out this Sept 30th. Also there will be a short anime series which ties into the game.

The game looks amazing from what I have seen thus far but one thing that did bother me was the price of the collector’s edition. $270!! What the heck is that price point? Now you get the art book, action figure and steel cases but the price does seem high. Now I have gotten previous collector’s editions of Final Fantasy game with the last one being in the $130 which included an art book and watch plus digital downloads so I am really wondering why the huge jump in price.

I would have ideally preferred something in the middle. I don’t mind forking over cash for a collectors edition but I think it also needs to be accessible for most people as well. Maybe it’s just me but that made the whole release a bit sour for me.

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