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While I was trying to get a hold of DC Universe Rebirth I came across the now famous Steve Rogers Captain America 1. If you don’t want to know any spoilers then feel free to just not read further but to be very honest just about everyone knows this now. This is also why I couldn’t help but purchase the comic.

Captain America is a Hydra double agent. Yes, you read that right. It was a WTF moment of epic proportions. As your reading the book you get flash backs of Steve’s past and you can kind of see something coming but we are also introduced to the status quo of where Steve stands with Sharon, Shield and his partners.

Now while the reveal is a bit of a shock you also have an idea that something may be at play in all this and that is the cosmic cube and that is also what I am worried about. We all know Captain America will be back to norm eventually however I feel that we are getting the reveal almost immediately.

The idea of Cap being a traitor is awesome. Someone playing the boy scout for so long and wondering know what could have his side motivations been. What could he have been involved with when not putting up the charade. The potential is great for exploring this further and I hope the prolong this as much as they can.

Also you will notice Cap sporting a retro futuristic shield. It’s cool in how it’s inspired from the past but not sure about the laser cutter on it. I suppose it works but it’s odd that he would opt for that feature but it’s still cool none the less.

Steve Rogers Captain America is a great start to a new series that is excellently written. Captain America has always been a standard to great story telling and this reveal aside it still is. It has heart and wears it on it’s sleeve and gives us both action with some tender personal moments. I know I will be continuing getting involved in this series and looking forward to where this will go but as I mentioned, with a reveal like this they need to commit.

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