About Us

Where we’ve been

Long ago, when the Internet was younger and dot com bubbles hadn’t quite burst yet, there was a meek little gaming site called the Montreal RPG Hub. It was slipshod, rarely updated, and coloured darkly. It had interviews with various gaming personalities, like Marc Vezina (of Dream Pod 9) and Tony DiTerlizzi. It had bad art from it’s authors. It had session descriptions and synopses for campaigns long since dead. It had reviews of a multitude of RPGs, many of which were sent to us from small publishers. It was a wasteland. It was ours.

The old site perished due to lack of attention, as well as the fact that we, the authors, needed to concentrate on our own lives for awhile. Time passed, with the site not far from our minds. If we couldn’t do it well, we shouldn’t do it at all, and so we bated our breath and planned and plotted. Over time, we became gainfully employed, happily married, or even became parents of our own!

Where we’re going

But now we”re back. We never stopped gaming. We simply prioritized things. Stop gaming, or stop updating a website dedicated to gaming? The answer was simple and clear to us.

Now we’re older and wiser. Armed with technology and renewed verve like no other. We don’t want our meek little site back. We want to instead foster a community for gamers. A place to talk about all manner of traditional games, to bounce ideas back and forth, to garner advice on running your games, and advice on what’s good and what’s not.

We hope you like it!