As gamers, we often like to play games (imagine that!). So, for your entertainment purposes, and for campaign tracking purposes, we’ve provided campaign logs and other details here.

Ordinem Ignota: A Miskatonic University Campaign
Status: Currently Playing
Myths and legends abound in Arkham and so do dark creatures and alien beings that hide in the space between. Join the Ordinem Ignota as they investigate the mythos and all the horrors that they contain. Madness awaits those whose venture too deep.

Ravenloft: Of Darkness and Light
Status: Concluded
The Dark Travels Inn is a place where the desperate fall upon during their journeys. It’s owner a pale skinned elven man named Eldron greats all who enter in his monotone voice only enhancing the parties sense of weariness, fatigue and dread. While the Dark Travels Inn may seem like a refuge to some, to others it will be their last visit. Here is a tale of some of the patrons.