Lazy Sunday’s with Carl: Ep2

Finally now things are slowly calming down so I can get back to digging into the site again. Automotive mechanics is a crazy business and for 4 months out of the year it’s pure mayhem but finally people seem to have finally gotten their tires swapped out.

You may have noticed we finally got Ordinem Ignota slowly getting it’s legs as I stir the guys awake from their slumber. I’m excited about where everything is going and I can see us getting close to the end of the first adventure. Now while I have been off dealing with cars and clients I have had some time to brush up on some reading. Primarily Cthulhu 7th edition which I will be writing up about as I go through it. Suffice it to say I am very happy about it.

I have to admit that my gaming mojo is getting back up there. Since having kids, getting a house and all of life’s adventures I have found that gaming took a back seat. My creativity lagged and I was in some sort of hibernation. Starting the PbP game helped jolt that and reading more books I just got that loving feeling again.

I am planning another game which should be relatively soon. I am aiming for a One Ring game but also an Exalted game. I think One Ring will come first but I go with my passion. Us OCD people are very indecisive but there are a lot of good games out there these days that deserve to be played.

If you have money to spend the Dark Souls board game is in it’s final hours and I highly recommend buying in. It looks like a lot of fun and with it’s huge success it has a lot of unlocked extras. Very impressive and I totally with have bought in for it but on a very limited budget for little while. Have to just love when birthdays, renovations and other tidbits fall at the same time.

Stay tuned to the RPG Hub where we always have something interesting and it is always growing.

A Personal Paranormal Tale

Well this is a bit personal but falls under the realm of geeky yet potentially interesting. Do you believe in spooks, spectres or ghosts? Well I do and I don’t particularly affiliate myself with a particular religious belief system. I simply believe that spirits exists and open minded about other paranormal phenomena. I was always fascinated as a child about the ramifications of the existence of such a thing. You have the geeky side of you thats like ‘COOL!!’ and then it opens the door to what else is out there that we do not understand. So follow me on my little journey.

It was about five years ago and my wife’s parents passed away in a tragic car accident a week or two after I spent christmas at their home. They left behind three children. Obviously the moment was full of raw emotions on all sides. The impact that is hard to comprehend or put into words unless you experience it yourself. However during this time the family was searching for meaning into it all. One of my wife’s brothers almost went with her parents, her parents almost took the van but it would not start that particular day for no apparent reason yet it worked when we needed to drive it. Coincidences…

However a few days after the events my wife and I were settling in for the night in bed with the cat all curled up. I am not sure if anyone has ever experienced a house where someone has passed away but there is a palpable weight. That particular night though as we settled in bed, a heavy feeling came over myself. It was a feeling that something was not right. Nerves perhaps. I was doing my best at the time to fill a certain emotional void. Maybe it was stress but I wasn’t feeling stressed. It was simply unsettling.

Suddenly the cat stared at the doorway to the room and fixated there. She was ready to run from something. My wife mentioned how odd it was and then noted the same thing that I felt. A heavy feeling to the room. It was sudden. The cat indeed bolted out of the room and you could almost feel the heavy feeling move along in the room. We were just scared because we both felt something was there.

Years pass and we move into our current home with our son who is only a few months old. We managed to settle in and life was good. Our son would play with his toys and act like any baby. However we started noticing something strange. Sometimes our son would lay on his back and start giggling or cooing as if being tickled and interacted with. We knew it from our interactions with him but it just happened. It happened only on a few occasions that he would do this. We questioned if it was just natural or maybe someone was checking in on him.

Now two years old our son is running around, speaking more and growing very fast. But we still have the same odd experiences. Since our son has a small set of vocabualrly to go with he talks and talks with what he has. When we put him to bed his gabs to himself. But sometimes he talks to ‘something’. There is his typical playful talking but again it’s like he is interacting with someone.

A week ago as we were in bed we suddenly hear a bang coming from the bathroom of the toilet seat closing. We wondered what happened. Was it a cat or our dog. The dog was in our room, the cats were downstairs. Going into the bathroom I find a candle we keep on top of the toilet as decoration turned upside down near the end of the closed seat. Looking at it I could not understand how it could happen. The candle would have rolled off the seat or if it somehow landed flush would have been more to the rear.

Today my son looks to a picture we keep of my wife’s parents. We showed it to him maybe twice before but today he looks at it and says grandma. We found it odd but pass it off as maybe he just connected it with that previous time somehow. Sometimes kids bring up the strangest things right. Then we are all sitting at the table for dinner and our son turns around and says grandpa gone while pointing.

Finally two nights ago my wife is sleeping and I have the annoying habit of waking her up as I slip into bed after watching a movie or The Daily Show. So we both curl up and try to get some sleep when my wife suddenly lets out a loud Ahhhh!! while shifting to my side. I was just about to doze off when this startled me awake. I was a tad annoyed about almost being asleep and waking up and also concerned. I asked her what was wrong and she turned to me and said something had grabed her foot.

Believe what you will of course and mind you all these things could be explained but coincidences, false perceptions and emotional distress however these are indeed odd occurences. I cannot help but simply wonder. Being a fan of gothic horror, horror, mystery, etc rpg settings I cannot help but be intrigued by it while at the same time somewhat fearful of the unknown. What lurks in the space between? Do we want to know? Will we end up there?

Do you have any experiences?

The Drawing Board

Well I am glad to see the RPGHub has made a lot of headway and that everyone has been quite responsive to it. As you can see we have had a few tweeks here and there. I call it our trapped demon who we keep contained through various runes entrapped in eternal slavery. We are getting some reviews in and suffering bouts of carpel tunnel syndrome but we are getting more meat in which is important. So what’s cooking lately? Well glad I asked myself this.

I have some updates still to posted for the Till Death do Us Part campaign. So don’t worry as that’s going very strong despite our crazy schedules. It’s just that rather then tiny smidgets of updates I would rather have something more substantial to put in place. The other campaign is on some hiatus due to scheduling, life, work, etc so that may come down till something more substantial can be put in place. The goal is to keep things active and not collecting the virutal dust unless it’s had a good run.

Till Death Do Us Part has been quite fun in that it’s a lot like a continuous novel for people to read. Sometimes I look at it and without the OoC roles or questions it makes for an interesting read. Sometimes things like that can take away from a game in the sense where your wondering where the gaming per se is coming from. But all choices, character interactions are indeed up to the player. You don’t want a scenario of the player character being played by the DM. It’s not fun for them and not fun for you either cause their not happy. It’s a delicate balance with the method I am trying. I wouldn’t say it’s the ideal methods for Pbem’s.

Me and the fellow Montreal crew have begun our friday night game nights. I am hoping to get some pictures in next time and to include them in reviews of the games we play. Now were not always going to be playing board games all the time as I do want to get some “in person” role playing with the potential of getting our Toronto peeps involved via Skype and the glory of omni directional mics. It works as we have done it before and who knows, it might make for some good colums to help others get a grasp on it and dealing with the intricacies. But the idea is there that we want some in person gaming down the line. I have some ideas and if we get others virtually to play I have been checking out Obsidian Portal which is a handy game tracker.

Here on the RPGHub we kind of just put some things together in that area as basic pages so features, conveniences are things that I would like to maybe put in so our campaigns are very manageable. Of course this functionality maybe already in WordPress. I’m still discovering things. But I think it’s worth checking out for everyone and I will be sure to use it for my next game. Till Death Do Us Part started on PBWorks which as a wiki is functional but with very basic features. Wizards of the Coast had a community site so you can create campaign pages, etc however at the time of the beta release I personally found all the text manipulations sub par and frankly embarrassing that this was even considered beta. I might be harsh on this but some things are just common sense as basics in the Web 2.0 sphere.

As far as RPG games I would like to get running. I have a Cthulhu game I want to do however Curt has his Cthulhu game going so expressly avoiding having a conflicting game at the same time. But I have had my eye on getting Exalted going as I already made some headway into prepping a game for this as well as other World of Darkness games like Hunter: The Vigil. I see a lot of potential there and it has my interest. So it’s a matter of pulling up the pants and doing it.

Oh and before I forget our new Annual event The Stars are Right went very well. A nice group of friends and getting together in wicked costumes. Grats to Curt and his girlfriend Amanda for winning the couples contest for best costume. We have some ideas brewing with our The Stars are Right event for the future so it may expand / evolve into something more. I don’t want to go into more details then that as I don’t want to promise anything we can’t pull off so maybe we’ll have more news on this evolution down the road. But pics of our night and us playing Zombies!! in our costumes are coming. Also a big thank you to Neil and his girlfriend Angie for hosting this annual event.

There you have it folks. Just a little bit of what’s going on a bit with the site, our ideas and some of my projects.