Miskatonic University for Arkham Horror now available

This one kind of swooped under my radar but I highly recommend this for anyone a fan of Arkham Horror boardgame. This one of course revolves around Miskatonic University and add’s some new locations. Now I wonder how long they can keep adding on to this boardgame. It seem’s to me already if you play with two expansions your number of cards added to the game is staggering. Despite that, this is a must by for me as I am a sucker for this stuff.

The Daily Flight

Well you know we posted already about the Fantasy Flight Games holiday sale. But here are some updates of things that have been going on over there.

1. Runewars has a fourth preview exploring another faction called the Uthuk Y’llan. It’s looking to be a solid boardgame which is no real surprise mind you but time will tell and of course will definitely have to play.

2. Custom Arkham Horror dice are on the way to distributors. I must say they look pretty damn cool.  I love me some neon green.

So not bad stuff at all really. I love anything for Arkham Horror. Even those insanely priced miniatures they have. It’s just one of those games that has a lot of replay value and is great for parties.

Arkham Horror Miniatures!!! OMG!!!

Ok I am a huge fan of Arkham Horror so I quickly soiled myself when I saw this update. Fantasy Flight Games have Arkham Horror Miniatures on the way. They will apparently come 2 per box and retail for roughly $12.95.

My only gripe is that it better live up to their phrasing of masterfully painted. These better be miniature Mona Lisa’s for that price because they are PLASTIC! Looking at them via the handy screenies they gave us, they do look well painted. Considerably more than the Dungeons and Dragon’s miniatures that look like they were painted by children in preschool.

But, none the less, this is definitely a DO WANT type of product that will make my super expensive cardboard ones that come with the game obsolete.